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Earth-babies, yes. Flowers, dance, rhythm, beauty, tuning into what is down-to-earth in this world. Connecting with human life, being human, socializing: all the Taureans I’ve known closely in 50+ years have loved interacting with other humans… and caring. They’ve been more tolerant of the human condition, when push comes to shove, than most of us who say we “just love people.” They make no such claims; they simply show us by doing, like a good novel.
They’re not social in the ways a Leo would be. There’s a tug to the rug feeling involved… not a hey look at me. If you get my drift. Don’t get me wrong: as a rule, I get along more easily and breezily with Leos than nearly anyone else in the sphere. Taurus people, while resembling Leo people in their social nature, take a bit more work for me, personally… but then I’m a double air sign. With a drop of water here and there, emotionally speaking, and a smidgen of fire… but no, no, not in my chart is there an ounce of Earth. And yet… I’ve raised a few. And they have their own nature. I can only be thankful that by nature I can simply stand back far enough but be there for support, as needed, without taking off-putting too personally.      
I am obviously not a Taurus. But I’ve raised, taught, befriended, and loved more than a few. They’ve taught me to round out my edges… while making me appreciate a few more. There’s nothing airy about them without other planetary influences (i.e., rising sign, moon, venus). Of the health professionals I’ve known intimately, more than half have had Taurus sun signs. In fact, it’s more than notable how many are not only very attractive and very intelligent but also broad-minded and extraordinarily humane. 
I feel very lucky to have known the Taureans I’ve known well in my life, even though, I also must admit, rarely has it been easy. But hey, as I said, I’m an air sign; Earth can be tough for us to understand or to communicate with oftentimes. The relationship is, however… at least in my experience… always very soulful and worthwhile.

♉ Nature flows through Taurus, and they intrinsically synchronise with the Earth’s rhythms; patiently as nature does, planting the seeds of their dreams, tuning into Mother Nature’s bliss and dissociating from the flux of the world, watering with the garden of their intuition and allowing the universe ready time to assist their blossom into illumination. Taureans love playing with the universe by lighting vanilla candles and experimenting with design, and her majestic spirit flows through their earthy pores like forever blooming flowers